Olivier Guyot uses the richness of this land to capture and enhance the particular characteristics of each wine. To produce a great wine you must first have a grape of the very best quality. Since 1998, Olivier has been using organic and bio-dynamic cultivation methods which do not interfere with the vine’s own immune system and mean that growers only intervene when strictly necessary and according to the particular risks of a given vineyard.

Rather than use chemical weed killers, he ploughs his soil to enrich it. To prevent the soil becoming compacted, certain vineyards are ploughed using Olivier Guyot’s carthorse, Indigo. Because of this the microbic life of the vines is vastly increased and the grapes always ripen earlier. Thinning out of leaves, which helps the grapes to ripen, is adapted to the weather in a given year (in 2003, no thinning was done to help protect the grapes in the heat wave). Extra buds are systemically removed to produce a higher yield. The grape harvest on the Guyot estate is only performed by hand. The pickers are very selective and a second selection is made in the cuverie (vat room) to ensure that only the best grapes are used. This is followed by vinification, accounting for between 10 and 15% of the work.

Olivier Guyot has two guiding principles : maintain the natural balance of the vine and respect the diversity of each terroir.